People and our Planet

67 world

If God created this place in 7 days,
How long do we need to destroy it?
The challenges societies embrace
Still end as situational waste

Realise our duty
Accept our responsibilities
Find out capabilities
Be creative and just try
As safety is just another lie

It is the thing that creates fear
We fear to lose, what seems so near
To avoid the bigger change
Don`t see the necessity, the range

Demand is rising while freedom declines
People colliding, especially their minds
Humanity needs sensible belief
Retrieve and find, sense of any kind

It seems sustainable and easy
To make more profit try to tease me
We work for money
And the money works for us
As long as we can, as long as we must

We need to change, our point of view
Let`s share and use the synergy
Time elapses and you will see
The first change that is always you

In an open mind there is no wall
But the bridges they are tall
They reach nearly every destination
No longer divided in dozen nations

We share, enjoy and love
And the sun will shine above
Drink, laugh and cry together
It won`t make the problems better

But it helps to unlimit
And if we consider the “good” as our spirit
Lets start to crack the walls
Before our Babylonian tower falls.

by Matthias Z.