The Munich based Bavarian National Museum exhibits the entire culture and gender history of handbags. The long lasting formation of the artisan craft is a must-see for every fashion enthusiast, handbag fetishist and art historian. Bags are all along status symbols and class signifiers with a fundamental tradition. Organizing a sachet-guild in 1599 the rennessancian sewer masters established an honorable codex of the subtly laudable craftsmanship. Preserving the artistic approach of bag creation, the exhibition features variously designed and embroidered hunting bags, fashionable wallets, key purses, travel bags, ridicule and a lot more forms of cases one would not even think of.

With its two richly illustrated catalogues the exhibition TASCHEN is a substantial source of inspiration for potential possibilities of usage and design. The archeology of the bag examines all the roots of modern handbags no matter if it is the handle-purse of Maximilian I. Joseph – the King of Bavaria – or Chanel’s 2:55. “When I was tired of carrying my bag in hand, and losing it again, I mounted a strap … and since I wore it as a shoulder bag” once she said. Creative approaches arise through necessity. Accordingly, the genealogy of the bag teaches us that aesthetic appeal is inevitable, but handiness and convenience are immanent.

The exhibition runs till the 25th of August.